24 - Oct - 2017


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Issue 46 - September 2017

Traffic Issues in Braemar - can we find solutions?

The Braemar Community Council (BCC) are addressing the traffic problems that we have all experienced in the village over the last few months. You will have seen some new parking signs, directing traffic to our free car-parks. You may also have heard that we are trying to get 'Twenty’s Plenty' (a 20 mph speed limit) agreed, following the June BCC meeting.

Three other possible interventions are under discussion and listed below. No decisions on any of these have been taken yet. We are fact-finding, talking to Aberdeenshire Council and seeking views from the Community.

1 'No Parking' signs - Setting up 4-5 new signs on the main road through the village. Note: these can only be considered if the private-property owners are supportive. Assuming they were, could these work? Where are the particular hot-spots?

2 Yellow Lines - Requires a Traffic Order from the Council and then an agreed design with some obvious choices eg. single/double/ partial, one side of the road, or both? The other issue is how they would be enforced. Aberdeenshire Council have said it would take 9 months from an application. Yellow lines will be fairly permanent, so we would need a majority of views to be in support! Do you think they would make a difference? Should we start the Traffic Order process or wait and see how the village parking shakes-down after the works at the Fife and Highland Centre?

3 Coach drop-off point - a modification of the Mews paved area to accommodate a Coach drop-off point in the centre of the village. This would need to be carefully designed and the impact on traffic flow considered. The idea is that coaches could drop-off passengers in the centre and then park at the Highland Games Park. A possible alternative (when the Fife works are done), is to re-use part of the public car-park for coach drop-off, or to direct all coaches to the Games Park and ‘drop-off’ there. What is your view?

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