19 - Feb - 2018


Braemar News Group

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Issue 47 - December 2017

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


 Inside this issue......

Page 2 Community Update Page 3 Issues arising from the last Buzzard - Village Parking; Village Hall Survey Page 4 Councillor’s Corner; Is Braemar ‘Cruise-Ready’ Page 5 Brig o' Dee Page 6 New Highland Games Centre; Report on Sixth Creative Arts Festival Page 7 Braemar Church Steeple gets a ‘Make-Over’; 3rd Age Lunch Club Page 8 Cocktails and Mocktails; Christmas Reads Page 9 Braemar Castle; Braemar Community Hydro Page 10 Scout Group News Page 11 Ads Page 12 Invercauld Estate News; Junior Buzzard Page 13 St Margaret’s Project; Mountain Festival Pages 14 & 15 Clubs and Societies - news and activity Page 16 Seasonal Events.

Thank you - to the Castleton Dancers, for sponsoring the colour pages in this issue - to Dale Johnson for provision of Christmas photos.