19 - May - 2022


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Issue 64 - March 2022

Resilience in Braemar

It hardly seems believable that it’s almost exactly two years since we were starting to cope with an emergency we had not seen before at that scale. Braemar came together brilliantly as a community during Covid and now, we need to work together again to make sure we can look after everyone in a different kind of emergency.

Post Storm Arwen, a small group drawn from Braemar Community Council, Braemar Care and the Village Hall was formed with the aim of funding and equipping a Temporary Refuge (TR) Centre at the Village Hall. Here is a short update.

Volunteers from the group are progressing 3 work streams:

Emergency Response (ER) Plan and Emergency Response Kit

BCC has drafted an ER Plan and submitted it informally to the Aberdeenshire ER Group for feedback. The group have drafted an ER equipment list, based on a reduced version of the Ballater ER list. BCC will be responsible for the ER Plan going forward, on behalf of the Community.

Accessing Funding

We are in dialogue with Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) about funding; their Resilience 2022 Fund opens shortly. The village itself has to prove it can raise money and we have almost £9,000 now through grants and donations. This is great news! Thank you to all our sponsors.

Generator and Emergency Response Kit

Work continues on the generator specification and costs. It is likely to be a trailer-mounted machine that can prime the gas heating system and the lighting/kitchen at the Village Hall. We will need to find a storage location and some help to maintain the generator.

What’s Next?

Our present priorities are the Braemar SSEN funding application and Braemar Hydro Fund applications. After that, we will need to recruit some more volunteer help!

Our next tasks will be:

- Produce and distribute a Home Resilience guide
- Engage the wider village in the ER Plan
- Recruit and train an ER team of Volunteers to operationalise the Plan, run refuge etc. 
- Procure and store tequipment (funding dependent)

Thanks for all your support and interest - we will keep you updated and look forward to your future involvement. Braemar Resilience Group.

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