20 - Feb - 2020


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Issue 55 - December 12019

Christmas Greetings!

A winter scene of Braemar Castle captured by Dale Johnson. Also a big thank you to Braemar Creative Arts Festival for sponsoring our colour cover in the print edition.

Community Hydro Fund Set To Open Again

The Community Hydro has had a successful year and at the September AGM the members approved the transfer of £10,000 to the Community Fund.

This year the fund will open for applications on 15th January with a closing date of 28 February. Application forms will be available online at www.braemarhydro.org.uk ,by email request to braemarhydro@gmail.com, or by paper copy. Local groups are encouraged to review the application form and consider if they wish to apply. Full guidelines are included.

Some will recall that last year the Community Fund contribution was £5000. Following two relatively dry years rainfall has been back to average levels. The turbine has performed well and generation for the year was just ahead of forecast. Also, in October we passed 1 million kwh generated! That is a significant milestone for our scheme and in line with expectations.

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