02 - Apr - 2020


Braemar News Group

To get your event included in the events listing, send details to info@braemarbuzzard.org.uk Interested in becoming part of the Braemar Newsgroup team? Then why not become a member of the BNG - open to any adult resident in the area. To apply for membership, go to 'Contact Us' on our website.

About The Buzzard

The Braemar News Group was set up in the autumn of 2006 by a group of local residents wanting not only to encourage participation in existing village activities and also to inspire new ones.  The main activity of the group is the publication and distribution of the ' Braemar Buzzard' community newsletter, the first copy being produced in March 2007. Since this time, the Buzzard has continued to appear quarterly.  The newsletter is distributed free of charge to all households in and around Braemar by a band of willing volunteers and surplus copies are available in the Braemar Newsagent,  Braemar Gallery and Braemar Garage.  Several grants enabled the start up of the newsletter and ongoing costs are covered by newsletter adverts and by donations.  Donations towards costs are always gratefully received and collection boxes can be found in the Newsagent and at the Garage.  Other occasional publications produced by the group include 'Community Matters', a village information flier now in its fifth reprint (September 2014), and a local telephone directory (2010).   The group has also been involved with the revival of the summer Braemar Gala week in the summer (although this hasn't run every year).   Membership of the Braemar NewsGroup is free and open to any local resident whilst submission of articles/letters/photos for possible publication is welcomed from all sources!