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Issue 62 - September 2021

Announcing the 10th Braemar Creative Arts Festival October 23rd -31st 2021

This year the workshops and classes will be spread over nine days instead of the usual five, in order to reduce numbers visiting on any one day. A range of art, craft, dance, music, drama and creative writing activities will be on the programme. All details will be announced on the ‘Braemar Creative Arts Festival’ Facebook page in early October or to get in touch email braemarartsfestival@gmail.com

And of course, running alongside the festival will be the Knitwits’ customary annual trail. The theme this year: ‘2021: A Space Odyssey’ which promises to be out of this world... (see photo above!) There will be real and imagined space themed knits including planets, Dr Who, Star Wars and Star Trek... The trail will be in place 16th - 30th October with maps to download and online sales of the knitted delights!

Activity in Braemar begins to return to something more akin to normal after Covid lockdowns. For club news, see page 7. For a nifty website with the latest information on local Covid infection rates, see page 6.

The Inver Stone Pictured above, a ‘lifting’ of the Inver Stone on July18th at the unveiling of a plaque in the Games Park. The stone dates back to around 1715 and June Richard and her family have been looking after it. The plaque commemorates the passing of the stone to the Royal Highland Society (BRHS) - to keep it safe and accessible to lifters. Already in its first month 15 people have successfully lifted it to varying standards- coming from Texas, Ontario and the UK. For more news from the BRHS see page 3.

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