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Issue 23 - December 2011

Braemar Prepares for Christmas

Locals will have noticed that Braemar looks a little different this Christmas.  The old lamp post Xmas lights had had a good life but fewer and fewer of them were working. Selena Hil (one of our newest community  councillors) decided to see what could be done about it.  Selena enlisted the support of the book group and  raised £1500 for new lights with the charity shop in Strachans earlier this year.  More funding is however still  needed, the estimated amount required being £4,600.  Further fund raising is planned starting with a Fashion Show in May and an application for funding is also  being made to Aberdeenshire Council. Meanwhile, for Christmas 2011 Michel Brat has been busy making brackets for mini Christmas trees for buildings in the village  centre, Mar  Estate has agreed to supply the trees and David Geddes has volunteered to put them up -­ a great  community effort! 


Photo below: the Cairnwell chair photographed in the 1960s by Bob Benzies of Coupar Angus.  The season of  2011/12 celebrates 50 years of commercial skiing in the Cairngorms.  Article inside on page 10. 


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