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Issue 40 - February 2016


The Flood (the view from Braemar across the Dee on 30th December)

The Buzzard team felt that they could not let the flooding of December 30th 2015 pass without some sort of record of the event so that the two middle pages of this issue have been devoted to photographs sent in by readers. The flooding - and the consequent damage to the roads, paths and bridges (particularly the Invercauld Bridge) has had quite an impact on our village and of course significant impact to surrounding communities too. Katy Fennema tries to put this in perspective with a look back at the ‘Muckle Spate of 1829 (page 5). Community spirit has prevailed to make the best of a bad situation and this newsletter is a good place to record thanks to those that have gone over and above the call of duty, too many to mention but must include:- the road and bridge engineers and those that kept the route south snow ploughed or ‘drained’; the folk who kept our services going, be it electricity, communications, emergency services, public transport, waste collection, post or just the essential supply of food in the shops; the community council and all those that sprang into action at a moments notice with shovels and wheelbarrows - the list goes on... Thank you all. On a lighter note - discover what ‘raining cats and dogs’ is all about and why ‘it never rains but it pours’ (page 8)! Ed.

Braemar Primary School’s New Head

At the end of last term, Mrs Jayne Watson was appointed head teacher of Braemar Primary. Jayne has been a regular visitor to Braemar over the years and always thought about moving here permanently. Finally in 2014, following many years as a teacher and deputy head in Aberdeen, Jayne bought a house in Braemar and was delighted to find there was a teaching position available. Her knowledge and skills were soon evident and she became a very popular member of the team with pupils, parents and staff. Asked how she felt about being appointed to her new position, Jayne said, ‘I am proud to be the head teacher of this great little school, and I am now living my dream.’

INSIDE Pages 2 & 3 Editorial; Community Update; Burns Night Page 4 Mar Lodge volunteering; Bible Book Clu Page 5 The recent floods - just how unusual? Pages 6 & 7 Strom Frank photographs Page 8 Paws for Thought; Golf Club News; Where Did That Saying Come From? Page 9 St Margaret’s Update Page 10 There’s Lots Happening ... Page 11 Junior Buzzard; Braemar Castle News Page 12 Event Diary