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Issue 41 - May 2016

Braemar’s Got Talent

In terms of numbers of performers, this year’s BGT was the biggest yet with approximately 70 participants aged from 5 to 75. Master of Ceremonies was Pete Mulvey, stage manager, Fraser Wood, sound and trouble shooting (!), John Macpherson. The photo (taken by Dale Johnson) shows Oliver, Angus, Fraser, Fergus on pipes and Josh on drums - the young bagpipe quintet that opened the second half. Plenty of musical talent on display, everything from singing, accordion playing, mouth organ, ukuleles, fiddles, bodhran, pipes to keyboards. In between musical items, Braemar cubs had everybody in fits of laughter with their clever comedy sketches. Check out ‘Braemar’s Got Talent’ on YouTube and you can re-live some of the action!

Great work Charlie!

Earlier this year Charlie Denny set off on his trip to Banjul in the Gambia to install solar power into Sabba School, one of four schools supported by the charity Shine Africa. Unfortunately Charlie’s Landrover broke down two miles from the ferry at Portsmouth and it looked like the trip might be over...the courtesy Smart car he was given not being quite up to the job! The ever resourceful Charlie managed to find a supplier for the necessary car parts over the Easter break and then headed back to Braemar to unpack. Undaunted Charlie then booked a flight to the Gambia with excess baggage for the solar panels.

The Sabba School Charlie was helping is the most remote of the four schools, involving a long drive, an unreliable ferry service and temperatures reaching 40 degrees in the shade. There are around 50 children aged between four and nine in the school at any one time with four teachers; they walk around 15k to get to school and attend for just a few hours as they have other duties or work within their family. Whilst in Banjul Charlie also gave knitted baby clothes and teddies to Fatou who looks after orphans and children whose families cannot care for them. She cares for around 30- 40 children aged between six months and ten years and the teddies were gratefully received - thank you to the ladies of Braemar who knitted them!

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