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Issue 21 - May 2011


All change at the Co-op

The recent closure of Strachans, both sudden and unex- pected, has left a large void in the village in terms of food shopping. Braemar now has just the one food shop, the Co-op. Whilst performing sterling service over the years, the Co-op is not without its problems. How many of us have been frus- trated when popping down to the store, to find near empty fruit and vegetable shelves? or that the most staple of items, such as bread and milk, are sold out? The Buzzard is delighted to report good news; plans are afoot to make improvements to our local store. The Buzzard in an interview with the Co-op Manager, Gemma Johnston, discovered that planning permission has been sub- mitted by Mar Estate to extend the store to give it a greater sales area and better staff facilities (the staff facilities are particu- larly basic!) When final applications have been ap- proved, the Co-op will be moving into the old Strachans store to allow the refurbishment to be carried out. The regional manager has stated that a temporary post office counter can be fitted into the Strachans store as well. When the refurbishment is complete, the selection of products will change dramatically with the addition of an instore Bakery (very welcome!) and more room for fruit, vegetables and chilled items. Gemma said „Whilst we currently receive regular deliveries 3-4 days per week and milk, bread and perishable items on a daily basis, there have been a few issues with the suppliers having incorrect information. This has led to aggravation for both customers and staff alike. However with increased awareness and support from regional management and with the prospect of greater store space, the Braemar store is in a much better place now‟.

The Buzzard also discovered that since Gemma has been managing the Co-op, with the help of custom- ers, funds have been raised for numerous charities in- cluding Clan, Marie Curie, The Scottish Poppy Trust, Starlight, and RNLI. At the present time the store is col- lecting funds for Enable Scotland which stand at over £1,300. Let‟s all wish the Co-op good luck for the future!

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