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Issue 31 - December 2013


Christmas Lights

Three years ago the members of the Braemar book club started fundraising to replace the village’s Christmas lights. The total raised so far is approximately £6800. Phase one was completed in 2012 with the purchase of 21 lights, fitted to the lampposts in the village with existing sockets. This year four more lights were bought for the remaining socket-ed lampposts. In addition, solar lights are being purchased for a new Christmas tree at the far end of the village. All the major estates in the village have taken turns in helping us to decorate the village; this year Mar Lodge are kindly supplying the small trees for the brackets outside businesses and the proposed new tree.

Due to a change in regulations implemented by Aberdeenshire council it is now apparent that any new lights purchased will have to be fitted to sockets installed with a ‘residual circuit breaker’ (RCB) - raising the cost to around £600 to fit a new light to each lamppost. Although we can continue using existing sockets, we are not able to fit new sockets to the old-fashioned black lampposts. We have identified six lampposts on the A93 turn into the village which in 2014 we hope to have fitted with the RCBs, and lit by Christmas 2015. To this end we will be having a major fundraising push next year and anyone who has any ideas or donations can contact Selena Hill at selena.hill@btopenworld.com

Spot this Jacobite warrior carved on a large stone (side of Glenshee Road entering the village from Glenshee). This replaces a previous (different) image long since washed away.

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