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Issue 35 - December 2014

All Change at the Fife Arms Hotel

Hot news! - the Fife Hotel is to be sold and will shut its doors before Christmas, re-opening in Spring 2017 re-furbished and updated. The sale of the hotel has been agreed with Highlands Hospitality Ltd. (HHL) on behalf of Iwan and Manuela Wirth, who are the owners of HHL and local residents.

A packed Community Council meeting (Nov 17th) heard about plans for the Fife as presented by Edward Workman (HHL) and Rebecca Kimber Danger (land agent for the Wirths). No one can deny that the Fife Hotel, a grade B listed building, is in desperate need of renovation and upgrading and when ultimately refurbished will be a great asset to the village. However in the interim, closure of the hotel will involve considerable loss of tourism, affecting a large number of businesses in the village, plus the loss of a public bar. Renovation works aren’t expected to start in earnest until the autumn. Whilst HHL are trying to reduce the detrimental affects as much as possible (even to the ex- tent of looking for places to open a ‘stop gap’ village bar) there is no easy answer to alleviate the down sides to the renovation. We must look forward to the opening of a new hotel, described by Edward Workman (HHL) as having top class facilities, two restaurants and a bar, and with accommodation priced to cater for a wide range of budgets. The new facility also promises to offer plenty of local job opportunities. 

Seasons Greetings to all our readers!